Interview mit Reshmi...another student of mine


  1. What was the biggest learning for you the last tree months concerning our lessons?

The main learning is your technique - and learning to paint in a bolder way.  I am more into the details.  Learning to combine this with your big strokes and not being afraid of making mistakes while also not losing my own strength in the details is the progress.


  1. What do you want to intensify  the next 10 lessons?

- Paint other things than portraits - landscape (seaside), still life, etc - with the same technique - cos I think it will help improve my portraits 

- paint on canvas

- more on colour mixing

- mixed media


  1. Where did you see the biggest effort since you started painting with me ?

- When I see the first pictures of the little girl to the more recent ones, I notice more how the recent ones are much more refined - in the eyes, and overall.  I am more confident with every new picture since ‘I’ve done it before’, and the more you practice, the more you learn and improve.

- I notice light and shade and colours more


  1. What does painting do to yourself, describe your feelings after you did paint?

- happy, relaxed, sense of accomplishment, lose track of time


  1. Would you recommend lessons with Iris and why or why not :—) ?

Of course :)  

- You are an extremely committed teacher

- You are always 100% present - physically and mentally - during our classes

- You are encouraging and at the same time also honest and not afraid to say what can be improved

- You try to get the answers from your student rather than tell them what to do

- You really care about art and helping your students improve

- and of course, it’s fun painting with you :)

  1. What do you think can be improved from Iris‘s side?

- Not much, really, I am happy with our classes :)


  1. If you did a online class with me, what would you like to be taught?

I think the kind of instagram painting lessons you did recently (tulips, papayas) would be great for online classes - you can try to get 1 painting finished within 1 class

  1. Would you like to learn other techniques, if yes which ones?

- I’d like to learn to use oil paints

- creating a scene which is not a replica of what is already on a picture, or making my own version based on a picture, but different.  Eg: I’d like to make a landscape which encapsulates the feeling of being on the French Riviera, which incorporates various elements which I won’t find in one single photograph


  1. How does painting influence your life?

- It’s a hobby that I can do by myself, which can also potentially bring joy to the people around me