Interview mit Talia, einer Malschülerin

#1 Please introduce yourself in a few sentences.

My name is Talia. I am 18 years old and I ‘m currently studying biomedicine. To get my head breathing and some time for myself, I love doing creative things such as playing the piano and painting as it makes my true self come out!

#2What made you decide to take painting classes with me?

The first time I walked by Irisis studio, I was fascinated by her art and the first thing that popped up in my head was that I wanted to paint with her. I then got to know her more and that furthermore convinced me to take classes with her.


#3 How did painting change your way of thinking, or your life/ lifestyle?

Painting is meditation. It allows me to focus only on what I am doing with my brush and nothing else. It it so satisfying to see results in your drawing, it gives you energy and motivation for everything else. Even if you don’t do every detail perfectly or if you start doing something not that well, you can always change it, make it better, see it from another point of view, like a lot of things in life. So, see your life as a piece of art!


#4 You also did a coaching, how did that influence you later decisions, or what did you take away from that?

Coaching helped me a lot to understand things from another perspective which allowed me to step back from certain situations in my life. I recommend it to everybody that needs a retrospective in themselves or any kind of guidance!

#5 Would you recommend doing painting classes with Iris, if yes why?

I definitely recommend doing painting classes with Iris. Every time I come out of my painting classes, I feel so confident, happy and liberated. I think the combination between painting and spending time with her makes you feel so good. It is quality time that makes you have fun, discover painting talents and focus on the present moment.


#6 What would you say in general how does a creative hobby influence your life or your daily routine, your feelings?

A creative hobby is a hobby that makes you widen your usual thinking. You have to think out of the box and push yourself to think further than you would usually do. This is one of the reasons why I like it so much. It sharpens your way of thinking and seeing things. Moreover, it allows one to express their feelings in a different way.

#7 to who would you recommend painting lessons?

I recommend painting lessons to anybody who is looking for a way to get out of their routine and try something different. You definitely don’t have to be super talented in art to take painting lessons. If you are inspired and motivated to draw something, you will manage to do it well, in one way or another, and Iris will be there to give you advice and train you!